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What is Your Brand Image?
A brand image is a feeling, or what the customers think about your brand. It is the complete perception of your brand to the consumer, or a basic impression of your brand, which is created through brand messaging and brand awareness, and always aligns with your brand identity to create the desired perspective of your brand.
Poor design, a lack of brand identification, poor marketing, inconsistent message, and terrible relationships may all harm a company. So, before you stress about the exact shade of purple to use for your logo or the typeface you'll use on your website, look at the larger picture and devise a strategy to assist you establish a successful brand.

Consider your favorite brand. What's the big deal about it? Is it known for its excellent customer service? What about high-quality goods? Prices that are reasonable? Taking it a step further, does the brand match with your own personal values? Do you have the impression that it truly "gets" you and what you're searching for? The brand image is your view of what this brand stands for and what it provides to customers. And since it's your favorite, they've done a pretty excellent job of building theirs, don't you think?

So What Is A Brand Image?

According to Philip Kotler – an American author of more than 60 marketing books who’s been given the lofty title of “the father of modern marketing” – defines brand image as “a set of beliefs, ideas, and impressions that a person holds” about the brand. In other words, brand image is how each individual perceives the identity, purpose, and value of brands with which they encounter and may engage.

The hard issue with brand image is that you can't totally control how each visitor or consumer perceives your brand.

This will differ from person to person. It will be determined by their own personal views, thoughts, and perceptions, as well as how you fit into that equation.

What you can do, however, is execute a brand image plan that offers you the greatest possible opportunity of coming across the way you want to, which will eventually enhance the odds of your company's success. It’s crucial that you stay consistent in your imagery so that people think of you when they see it.

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