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Is Generic Strategy Effective?
Brand awareness may also be achieved using generic communication techniques. The advertiser's objective may be to create a cognitive association between a certain brand name and a product category, such as "Nike" and athletic footwear.
The ad may provide relatively little information regarding the product's characteristics. The purpose of the advertisement is simply to imprint the brand name in a person's cognitive memory and cognitive map.

Before pursuing this strategy, keep in mind that the marketing landscape has shifted away from generic messaging, particularly after the events of 2020 resulted in marketing messaging becoming a congealed mass of generic platitudes (e.g., “we're all in this together”), making it nearly impossible for the offending brands to stand out.

Specificity can go a long way, as Forbes contributor Pia Silver says in her blog: “Without making some bold decisions about where you are going to draw a line in the sand and what you want to build a solid reputation on, writing copy or coming up with your brand message is going to be a lot of fluff.”

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